the sino-Scandinavian engagement bridge

bridging the dynamic Chinese mobile industry with Scandinavian innovation


5G, IOT, AI, Chipsets along with advanced services, blockchain and clean tech. China has taken a lead in many areas but Scandinavia still has a lot to offer to the most demanding market in the world


Chinese consumers have developed a taste in the better products with higher quality that are sustainable. Developing an omni-channel approach to serve these customers with the best the Scandinavia has to offer


For Scandinavian companies that wish to compete and learn and grow in China, Tiandi with its history and network are well positioned to assist companies with ambition, knowhow and technology to become successful in China


For the aggressive or curious investor, Scandinavia is fertile ground for tapping into startups with Unicorn potential – Spotify, Klarna, Skype, Rovio, Supercell – the list goes on. There are plenty of companies eager to have the right investor from Asia

Why Tiandi

Leveraging Scandinavian Startup & Tech Community

There are more than tech companies in Stockholm. Sweden outside of California has the largest number of Unicorns (startups with more than 1BUSD in valuation) and particularly per capita. The opportunities are vast for Asian companies to acquire, at reasonable cost, high-performance engineering teams or the latest and greatest technology. Valuations compared to China is a difference of magnitude in general

Enter and venture into new markets - unknown - requires tactics, planning, experience and most importantly, working with an experienced team to guide and maneuver the unforeseen in order to deliver beyond exception. Tiandi is set up to assist in reaching goals faster, cost-effective and at reduced risk.

It could be leveraging highly talents Swedes in order to set up a stable and qualified engineering team in a lower both cost of R&D but also employee turn-over. It could be to set up a team of highly dedicated sales professionals to grow the user base or acquire new customers. Stockholm is only of the cities where that could happen and based on the actual requirements, Tiandi could consider other cities, such as Helsinki, Oslo or Copenhagen.

  • Set up your entity - acquire a team or technology

  • Leverage Tiandi's Interim Management to maximize output

  • Time to control. Business is booming and the team is strong and on the right track.

  • Europe now is of strategic importance. Company is now a global operation

Industry Veterans

David Almström

CEO & co-founder
Dedicated Sales/Business Developer with over 20 years of experience in Telecoms, Mobile and Software. ex-Dir Product & UX, Mozilla and Managing Dir of Symbio Sweden. David has spent 15 years in Asia (living in Beijing) as VP, Strategy Ericsson China and Director, Trolltech Asia (later Nokia, Qt APAC)

Dagmawi Getachew

VP Growth & co-founder
Passionate growth and business developer with over 10 years in the human capital world with organisations like Progressive & NP Group, delivering pan European recruitment solutions towards IT consulting and tech product companies, to achieve large scale growth.

Li Hongming

Senior Advisor
Seasoned Telecoms & IT Executive with 3 decades of successfully developing and growing new business. Instrumental in expanding Ericsson’s business in China; Immersions mobile technology; iIaoAI’s operator business.

Jim Zheng

Experienced mobile service innovator, co-founding 3 mobile service startups and pioneered the mobile internet as VP Netease and changed the mobile payment industry as VP A Shanghai native with base in Beijing and Shanghai

Leo Leung

Partner, Hong Kong
Leo is long-lasting Hong Kong and Asian IT&Telekom business developer with the focus of scaling business fast and finding excellent new business opportunities

Ketil Høigaard

Partner, Norway
Senior business executive with broad experience in building long-term and strategic partnership with business partners globally.