Secure Communications platform – A2V

Automotive Security Risk

Cars today are more connected that ever as making consumer delighted to engage with their car using Smartphones. Thus, the security breeches and risk of exposing vital vehicle to unknown or non-trusted sources have increased. Android has a really weak encryption system that any hacker can hack without any problems. Storing and logging information, user names and passwords further increases that risk of exposing user sensitive data that can harm the user and the vehicle.

Numerous reports the last year highlights the ease of hacking automotive systems and even FBI warns about the risks. But also Wired reports about hacking a Jeep; Nissan had to disable features that could easily be hacked and lately Home Security is at major risk!

Therefore, Tiandi has introduced the A2V Secure Solution based on ground-breaking BlockChain technology for ensuring maximum security.

Blockchain OS for A2V

blockchain bw

Using Blockchain OS, there is a straight-forward simple yet safe and secure way to implement a system where Consumers can interact with their car in a complete private and secure channel, minimizing the risk of hackers and others getting information about the car nor being able to control the care remotely.

The solution is based on Blockchain OS with three components:

  • An in-vehicle server/firewall using Qt that acts as an end-point towards the consumer’s device and gateway to access and control in-vehicle functionality
  • Blockchain OS and the Node Network to verify, tunnel and encrypt communications between consumer’s device and the vehicle.
  • An App for iOS and Android that acts as the communication channel for the consumer to interact with the vehicle

First World-Leading A2V Solution

Overview Blockchain A2V

The solution addresses all four areas of security that should be considered and creates the worlds first A2V secure solution  for maximum security and yet flexible enough for automakers to create unique solutions allowing unparalleled yet safe and secure access for consumers.

Automakers can use their existing Qt-based IVI solutions and integrate the A2V to provide consumers access remotely to car information, control features and provide access.

The solution can also be applied to other areas that require enhanced security and privacy: A2X (Home, Servers etc.)